Geol. 115 Study Guide for Lesson Seven

What do you need to know (meaning understand, not just memorize) to do spectacularly well on Quiz 7? The essential terms and concepts are listed below. Writing out answers to each of the following would be an excellent way to prepare.

(Be able to define or recognize the definition of these terms and understand their useage in context). You can find the information in the web lesson -- on your test, do not expect exactly the same wording or examples as in your lesson. It would be a good idea to cross reference the defintions in the lesson with those you find in the texts.)

1) Essential Vocabulary

fashioning, lapidary, tumbling, sawing, lap, wheel, apex, tablet, bead, half-drilled, full drilled, briolette, rondel, engraving, carving, flex shaft, fixed arbor, intaglio, cameo, scrimshaw, reverse carving, hololith, representational, stylized, abstract, faceting, brilliant cut, step cut, mixed cut, fancy shape, buff top, concaved cut, fantasy cut, rose cut, critical angle, window, yield, jamb peg faceting machine, modern faceting machine, dop stick, protractor, index gear, mast, native cut, custom cut, make, faceting diagram, natural, grain, marker, sawyer, cleaver, bruter, bearded girdle, blocker, brillianteer, scaife, bort, tang.

2) Essential Concepts

What is fashioning, examples of uses of unfashioned gems, lapidary vs diamond cutter, general history of lapidary, equipment and techniques for various lapidary processes: tumbling, sawing, grinding and polishing. Difference between lapidary saws and most other kinds. Wheels vs laps, basic techniques and equipment for cabochon cutting, and gem carving. Styles of cabochons with examples. Beads making, uses and styles. Use of flex shaft vs fixed arbor (technique), styles of engraving and carving with examples (intaglio, cameo, scrimshaw (materials used), surface and reverse carving, hololiths vs abstract vs stylized vs representational. Faceted gems: shape, cutting styles (typical and variations), basic time table for faceting. Purpose of crown vs pavilion, importance of critical angle, relationship between RI and critical angle, windowing. Three factors controlled by a faceting machine, yield vs other considerations in faceting, dops, adhesives, index gears, faceting diagrams, cutting vs polishing laps, native vs custom cut gems. Cutting colored stones vs cutting diamonds (skills), why is a small natural on a diamond's girdle a good thing?, diamond cutting equipment and personnel, diamond cutting centers.

3) Pronunciation Guide

(Clicking on the term will temporarily take you to a new web page to hear the pronunciation of the word. Depending on your browser configuration either put away the audio window, or use the back button to return to the list.)

Danburite, lapidary, chiastolite, chrysoprase, apatite, carnelian, hydrogrossular, Bruneau jasper, covellite, cuvette, briolette, intaglio, scrimshaw, scrimshander, baleen, hololith, jamb peg, bort, sawyer, bruter, scaife.