Geol. 198B Homework #8: Gem Enhancement 20 pts. **

The answers to the following questions will be found in the text reading assignment, and the assigned web essays for Lesson 8.

Required Format: A 2 point penalty will be deducted for not following the format described (even if all the answers are correct)!

Send the answers to me, as an email through WebCT. Use "Homework #7" as the subject line.

As the body of the email, the answers should be arranged vertically, single file, like so:

1. b

2. quartz

3. False

4. etc....

All required answers for Homework #8 are either a multiple choice letter or, True or False.

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1. The most valuable color of blue topaz is:

a. mystic topaz

b. Swiss blue

c. sky blue

d. precious blue

e. London blue

2. True or False. All Tanzanite rough heat treats to a blue violet color.

3. Heating does not produce __________ zircons.

a. white

b. green

c. red

d. yellow

e. blue

4. A blue gem which is relatively inexpensive, and which can be assumed to be unenhanced is:

a. blue zircon

b. iolite

c. blue topaz

d. blue sapphire

e. blue diamond

5. Many facetors and gem carvers like to use blue topaz because:

a. it is the cheapest gem material there is

b. it is so difficult to work with that finishing a piece in blue topaz gives proof of their great skill.

c. it is available in clean, large pieces at moderate prices

d. it is so rare that the value of the finished pieces is very high

e. none of the above

6. True or False. Natural irradiation processes which change the color of gems take place over much longer periods of time than those used by man.

7. The number of cleavage directions for Oregon sunstone is/are:

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. none

8. Your iolite ring looks great (a lovely blue violet) when you look straight down at it, but when you turn it at an angle it is a dull greyish blue. What's going on?

a. the gem is showing its normal and expected pleochroic colors

b. the gem was inadequately heat-treated

c. this gem is a low quality specimen of iolite

d. the cutter made a mistake in orienting the rough

e. It cannot be an iolite, it is a different gem

9. The value of Oregon sunstone:

a. is extremely low

b. is very high

c. ranges from rather low to high depending primarily on color

d. is diminished by the many enhancements which it must undergo before it can be used in jewelry

e. fluctuates because flooding prevents mining at some times of the year

10. The luster of zircon is _______________ that of diamond.

a. just less than

b. greater than

c. the same as

d. much less than

e. much greater than


** "A Word to the Wise": In order to get the full 20 points on this, and every other homework, you must have all the correct answers, they must be in proper format as described above AND your email to me must be received and logged in by WebCT before the closing time for the assignment. As there are inevitable computer downtimes, disconnects and other such issues, I suggest that you do not wait until the very last moment to attempt to submit the work.